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What Can You Expect When Selling Your Home?

Silly  items on your inspection report, that is what!   When your home was built, the real estate industry and buyers were significantly more practical when it came to the purchase of a home.  Everyone understood if you purchased a home that was not new, you could expect a certain level of wear and tear.  Well those days are gone!  When you sell a home, here are items that can derail your sale and/or cause headaches for the new buyers and yourself:

• Light bulbs that are not working:   Inspectors rarely test light bulbs and/or fixtures in 2017, if a light bulb is not working,  the inspection report will indicate to the new buyer to hire an electrician to evaluate the electrical systems in your home. PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL OF THE LIGHT BULBS ARE WORKING!
• Vinyl siding repairs:  Over time, if your home has vinyl siding, you will eventually damage it unintentionally, usually a rock hits it or outdoor furniture damages it, by sitting against the house.  In the past, this would have been considered a non-issue; however, many inspectors will indicate that you should replace the siding on the entire house, or that that the home may have water damage. No minimize this issue, let your listing agent know upfront, that you will not repair small holes in the siding, this simple step, allows the agent to prepare buyers about these small holes.
• Crawl Spaces: Please beware that this the #1 issue in NorthStone.  A few years back, the word efflorescence entered the vocabulary of all real estate inspectors. Efflorescence is a white powdery substance usually found on the brick in the crawl space.  It is merely salt that that remains as water evaporates. The problem; however, is that the notation of this item often appears as a structural issue.  It can scare new home buyers away who have the potential of canceling your sales contract.  We suggest before listing a home with a crawl space,  you visually inspect it. The salt can be cleaned off easily with a mixture of muric acid and water, or you can hire someone to complete the job.
• Front Entryways: This is the #2 most indicated issue on NorthStone inspections reports.  If you are going to improve or fix any area of your home, please ensure that the front entrance is perfect.  Wood rot around the front door or a broken doorbell, although minor, often indicates to buyers that the house has not been maintained properly. This is the first thing buyers see so make sure their first impression is positive.
• Roofing:  Last, but not least, many of the roofs in NorthStone are showing their age, and many of the roofs that were replaced just a few years ago have black streaks or are slightly discolored.  In many cases, it is merely algae and pollen that have collected on the roof.  Even the most tolerant buyer will be afraid of having to replace a roof, they will avoid a home that “appears” to have roof damage from pictures they see online. All home sellers should powerwash their roofs along with their homes before they put their home on the market. As a cautionary tale, not all power wash companies can clean a roof. Specifically ask, if they are trained to clean a roof.

Overall NorthStone is a beautiful community where the majority of homeowners have maintained their homes and properties in pristine condition — this makes it an attractive community in Huntersville. As such, homes have been selling quickly — if you’re selling, give us a call,  and  will handle the process seamlessly.

James Smith

James Smith

Realtor / Broker at Executive Sellers Realty
Mr. Smith is an award winning Realtor in Charlotte, NC, winning the 2017, 2016 and 2015 5-Star award from Charlotte Magazine.Mr. Smith may be reached at or 704-491-2870
James Smith
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