Did you know homes sold in North Carolina are AS-IS?

All homes in North Carolina are sold AS-IS, yet many buyers and sellers are unaware of the clause in Realtor contracts. When purchasing a home make sure you understand, Due Diligence and its role in buying or selling a home

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1st time Home Buyers Guide

home buyers picture

Download your free first time home buyers guide developed for North Carolina and the Charlotte Region designed by Executive Sellers Realty

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Benefits of Buying a Home

benefits of buying a home

Congratulations, you are thinking about purchasing your first home. Many people reach this step; however, due to rumors or fear they never seem to complete the task of buying a home.

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What happens to my home and assets if something happens to me?

estate planning

I Still Have Time — Until I Don’t.  A $75,000 Mistake? What happens to my home and assets if something happens to me? If you own a house, it is probably the most expensive purchase of your life. Who is going to protect you and  your family if something happens to you? A skiing accident, a biking accident, a car wreck?  For the first time in your life, having an action plan becomes critical, and that plan includes  Estate Planning.  If you are like half the people in America, you have put off  estate planning because you are still young and healthy, not so smart. Everyone has two estates,  The estate of your person—that is, where you live, what you…

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Do I pay less taxes when I buy a home?

tax deduction for homeowners,

Does homeownership really provides tax benefits? For recent first-time homeowners buying a home usually is a thrill to start with , but one of the unplanned joys of buying a home is file taxes the following year. Many homeowners are shocked by how many tax deductions they can now claim.

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