Did you know homes sold in North Carolina are AS-IS?

All homes in North Carolina are sold AS-IS, yet many buyers and sellers are unaware of the clause in Realtor contracts. When purchasing a home make sure you understand, Due Diligence and its role in buying or selling a home

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Commercial Lease, What you need to know

commerical lease sign

As your business grows, you may start investigating moving your business from your home to a commercial space and with that comes the commercial lease. For many people this is a new experience and it differs significantly from renting a residential space, as a result, many first time commercial renters sign bad leases. In an effort to clear up the confusion, this article should help you make the right decisions. As always, please consult with a lawyer and/or your Realtor before signing any leases.

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Real Estate SCAM Alert

Rental Scam, ownership scam

The last few years have seen an explosion of fraudulent real estate transactions.  Potential buyers and renters lured by cheap rents or ownership, often jump at opportunities that are not legitimate.  Many homes advertised for sale or rent on Craigslist and other online  sources may not be real.  If the deal is too good to be true,  you are likely dealing with a con artist.  In order to protect yourself,  listed below are tips to help weed out the REAL vs.  FAKE.  If you follow these guidelines and trust your instincts you should be OK. 1)  If you are asked to send a security deposit to another country OR out of the state,  the deal is likely a Scam 2) …

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What Should I Expect When Selling My House?  

,sell your house, home sale, Realty Expert | Executive Sellers Realty

Before you hire anyone to help you sell your home there are a few basic things to consider. Likewise as you get closer to listing your home and actually putting it up for sell there are general things to remember and consider. The process of selling your home does not have to be complicated or difficult.

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How to Choose a Realty Expert

choose a real estate agent

Although we live in a digital age where information is readily available to help us make decisions and conduct business, the importance of choosing a good real estate agent hasn’t diminished. There are a few basic things to consider when hiring an agent and the firm they work for is not on the list.

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Are homesellers taken advantage of?

unsold home, realtor, bad agent

Hiring a Real Estate agent to sell your home is not risk-free, make sure your agent is providing you with the services you expect.

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Short Sales: an alternative to foreclosure

real estate tips, short sale, foreclosure

In some situations, it is beneficial to both you and the lender to conduct a short-sale rather than proceed with foreclosure. For the seller, it is definitely beneficial in that it is a slap on your hand credit-wise as opposed to a major hit like foreclosure. The down side of a short sale is that the process takes from 3-7 months depending on the lender.

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