Real Estate Quiz

Take this quick 8 question quiz and if you score 85% or above;  Executive Sellers Realty will give you a $250 gift certificate, if you buy or sell a home with us within 6 months. The certificate is transferable to friends or family that you refer to Executive Sellers. You can take the quiz as often as you like; however, no more than 2 certificates will be given per home bought or sold.

If you buy a home BEFORE you get married, and then get married, does your new spouse have ownership rights to your home?
Assuming your rent is $800 per month and a mortgage payments is $900/month, is it cheaper to own a home or rent?
If hire an agent to sell your home, are they required to market your home?
Can an agent work for the buyer and seller simultaneously?
Can you pay a bank to reduce your interest rate?
Can you put multiple offers on several homes at the same time?
If you are buying a home, can the seller give YOUR agent a bonus for selling their home?
If you hire an inspector to inspect your home and  they miss a defect; are they responsible for your repair cost?

Click on the submit button to get your score.   Your e-mail address is NOT required; however, you must provide your email address to be eligible for the gift certificate and get the correct answers to the quiz.

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