Agent Safety

Executive Sellers Realty, does not consist of just employees. Our Real Estate Agents, staff and Realtors, we are a tight knit group of colleagues, friends and family.  We understand that buying or selling a home is a priority to you; however, we must always ensure that our agents and staff  are safe.

As a result, we have instituted the following rules and safety regulations for our agents and clients:

  1. Agents are not to Text and Drive, if your agent goes not respond immediately they may be driving.
  2. All buyers are required to provide a valid copy of their license or a picture ID.
  3. Before showing a home, all buyers must have a valid pre-qualification letter which is no older then 60 days, if you do not have one please contact one of our mortgage specialist
  4. All open houses are to be performed by 2 or more people.
  5. Our agents do not show homes after 7:35

We believe these new rules will enhance your experience with our agents and ensure that you and our agents are safe at all times




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