Welcome to Charlotte, NC the 16th largest city in the United States. Relocation to Charlotte, North Carolina may be a fairly easy decision. Charlotte a thriving metropolis continues to grow. Charlotte is the headquarters of 7 Fortune 500 Companies as well a host of additional industries including healthcare and transportation.

Charlotte is also the home the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, Gantt Center, AAA baseball and many family friendly museums and theaters. We are glad you are thinking about relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina and want to be your Real Estate Firm , we work with a number of relocation companies and may be able to make your transition smoother.

What to Expect During A Relocation to Charlotte

Charlotte is affectionately known as the transplant city but the locals simply refer to it as the Queen City. We are delighted that you are considering or already embarking on relocation to Charlotte and want to provide you with all the information you need about counties, school districts, and areas.

Charlotte is located in Mecklenburg County, and is a growing area with a population of more than 980,000 people. It is seen nationally as one of the best cities in the country. Our city has been recognized by numerous national organizations for its cost of living, family friendliness, and quality of life as well as an area where businesses thrive.

We welcome you and look forward to having you become an active part of our community. If you have any questions about relocation to Charlotte, our real estate agents are always willing to assist you. Most of our agents have relocated from other areas in the country and can offer personal experiences about their own relocation.

The average cost of living varies from region to region in Charlotte. Like with all cities Charlotte has both affordable and affluent homestead options.

Kiplinger’s Best Value Cities in 2013 reported that the cost of living in Charlotte is much more affordable than the national average. Although the country has experienced various downturns in the real estate market, the properties in Charlotte have been relatively stable.

Yes, there have been drops, but never dipping to double digits, unlike other areas in the States. In 2015 Charlotte had one of the fastest growing economies in the U.S.

Charlotte is largely a commuter city with limited mass transportation. Although the Lynx (Charlotte’s metro system) and bus systems are well planned and established, most of the residents in Charlotte prefer to commute in their own cars.

The metro stops at 15 stations and the trains runs approximately every 10 minutes on weekdays, every 20 minutes on weekends and every 30 minutes on weekend nights.

Charlotte also has one of the best airports in the U.S., virtually all international locations can be accessed with direct flights. Nationally, Charlotte-Douglas (CLT) Airport is on of the 10 busiest airports in the U.S as well; however, as a large national HUB for several airlines there are rarely major delays and operations have always been very efficient.

Unlike the scorching south or the cold north, Charlotte has a temperate weather that is enjoyable year around. Both summers and winters are bearable; even the rain is evenly spread round the year.

Moving to Charlotte during any time of the year shouldn’t be a bother, except for possibly in August when it gets warmer than usual.

Charlotte is well known for the number of schools available in the city. In fact an entire area is known as University City, which boasts of the University of North Carolina.

The schools all range from large systems for elementary, high school and universities; it also boasts of special schools for technology and science; and alternative schools as well.

There are a number of theological colleges, community colleges and smaller universities also home to Charlotte. The choices are vast and so care must be taken to verify their admission process prior to deciding on the best one for your child.


Southern Reference Guide

1) If you ask for tea anywhere in the south, it is always cold and has three (3x) the amount of sugar you are used too.
2) Barbecue is pork, and is pulled and comes in two varieties, vinegar based (eastern NC style ) or ketchup based (western NC style)
3) Charlotte has a downtown, uptown and center city, and they are all the same place.
4) Whoever created the street names in Charlotte is clearly a drug user and/or sadist, several streets have the same name. I can't wait for you to be on the corner of Queens Rd. and Queens Rd.
5) Their are more drug stores in Charlotte than any city in America (non-scientific study), I think this has something to do with #4
6) Charlotte has red dirt (clay) yet grass and plants grow well, so don't order topsoil for your new home
7) Everyone waves hello to you, they might not like you, but they will still wave.
8) Yes, the taxes and homes are less inexpensive compared to most locations, so don't buy more house then you really want.
9) Ya'll is a proper noun, adverb and verb depending on who is using it. Just go with the flow, you will eventually get the hang of it.
10) Charlotte is massive, it is approximately 540 Square miles.
11) Charlotte resides within Mecklenburg County; however, Charlotte is approximately the same size as the county. We will have to explain that to you when we see you.
12) Buying a home in the Charlotte will likely provide you with lots of choices including Lake Front, Golf Course, Hi-Rise Condos, Rural or suburban, all within 20 minutes of each other.
13) Charlotte is also surrounded by a ton of smaller cities including, Huntersville, Cornelius, Waxhaw, Davidson, and Concord to name a few that will also offer you a life style that suits your needs.
14) Relocation to Charlotte is fairly common, you will realize this when you talk to your neighbors.
15) If you live here long enough you will run into people you grew up with and it will feel just like home.